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Our hosts are remarkable and passionate people, ranging from expert tour guides and history buffs to talented chefs, artists, and adrenaline-seekers. They specialise in making people from around the world feel welcomed and connected, and give them access to unique places and activities that can't be found anywhere else. The best part? You can host any type of experience, anywhere in Latin America, Helping us showcase the richness and diversity of this incredible region. Connect with fantastic travellers, manage your own agenda, and support social and environmental projects in Latin America.

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We are looking for exceptional hosts to join our community and for ambassadors who have strong connections and are enthusiastic about promoting our brand to their network of hosts in their region. Contact us to learn about our referral program.



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With over 50 hosts located across multiple Latin American countries and our headquarters based in London and Bogota, our community is rapidly expanding.

To learn more, you can visit our host experiences here.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, of course. We do not require exclusivity, and we have features that allow you to easily manage your listing across multiple platforms. All we ask is that you synchronize your calendars with other platforms, just once when you join.
To be an Aldea host, you have to be an expert on your topic and your area, and demonstrate passion, care for your community and the environment. Also, you have to speak the language(s) you offer your experience well to host international guests, and be available enough to host tours on a regular basis.
As soon as you're accepted as a host, you'll have to create a profile and verify your account. A trust share escrow account handles all our payments securely. Client's money is kept in a secure account and only released once all terms of the agreement have been met. The use of an escrow account in a transaction adds a degree of safety for both parties. The funds are released directly to your preferred account 24 hours after completing your experience. You can choose to withdraw your money after every experience or wait to have a bigger pot. Your choice.
You can easily access and manage your bookings in your Aldea host account as a member. You'll get an overview of any incoming requests, and future bookings, as well as a list of previous tours you've done.
Yes, you are encouraged to add as many experiences and expeditions as you want, provided you as a host are the one directly in contact with your guests, exceptions apply for community organizations.
Our service fee for hosts is to help us run the Aldea Travel platform and services smoothly, we charge hosts a service fee of 12%, with every booking. Of this fee we donate 5% to our partner NGO projects.
Yes, as part of your onboarding you will attend our experience design workshop and pricing workshop that is part of our brand new Aldea Academy for Hosts. As our ongoing commitment to capacity building and high standards, we are also currently looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable hosts who would like to run and design a workshop on their expertise to support other fellow hosts.